What's Lusoporno?

Lusoporno is a small adult network but with great sites! We were developed primarily to protect minors from accessing adult related material.

Why is Lusoporno so great?

If you select to join Lusoporno today, you will receive access to all   affiliated websites that currently hold a total of 600 gigabytes of content. Lusoporno is known for it's vast array of Full length DVDs, Video Clips and so much more. You'll find you have access to thousands upon thousands of Mpegs, AVI's, Real Video/Audio, Windows Media Files and anything you can imagine. What do you need to access all this? A single Lusoporno Membership ID. That's not all! You will also receive access to our exclusive Lusoporno websites featuring our own ladies filmed in our own studio! JOIN NOW.

Are there any hidden costs?

There are NO other hidden costs to worry about, with just one membership you will be on your way accessing a large variety of different fetishes! Other adult sites out there charge you from $45.95 for a membership that allows you to access only one site! Not us, our cost is just $35 and gives you access to much more.

How do i join and get a Lusoporno ID?

It's very simple, you can signup with either a Credit Card or Check instantly.

Why is an Lusoporno ID better than joining a normal XXX site?

Well the other sites usually charge you more (or the same) than $35 per month and you only get to access one site, with an Lusoporno ID you will have access to many different sites (one bizarre) so you will have a big variety of content. 

What are the average download speeds?

Download speed varies with the server that the site is on. Users experience download speed ranging from 60KBs to 200KBs (cable modems) and 4KB to 6KB for 56k users.

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How much does Lusoporno cost?

For one month membership which gives you access to several premium Adult Websites is $35. Any membership purchases at Lusoporno gives you access to our personalized paysites plus our growing database of affiliated websites.

How will I be billed?

A charge labaled *Luso will show up on your credit card statement.

I'm concerned about my privacy. How will my personal and account information be handled?

We do not share, sell or trade any information with anyone. Everything given to us is held in strict privacy.

How long do I have to wait for my password and account activation?

You receive access in 5 minutes.

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